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I play music from varied eras I’m not scared to drop older tracks into my sets the majority of what I am currently playing is a lot of funk and soul, Motown, classic RnB, dance, house, indie, pop. I like to keep it fresh and mix it up a little bit I switch through genres and read the crowd. If something doesn’t work I change it, it’s as simple as that.

My unique selling point is that all my musical sets are crafted by me and you! (if you want to of course!) Each wedding reception is very different, people have different needs, I like to think outside the box and bring you songs that will literally have your guests screeching with excitement.
I am not your clichéd wedding disco.


I can work from playlists that you supply I can work from a list of 10 songs or a list of 400 songs I am very versatile, I always like to work with you rather than against you. I am not a yes man, if I think something isn’t going to work I won’t be afraid to tell you but ultimately the final decision is always left with you. One example of this is providing your DJ with a list of songs you currently have on your phone and currently enjoy listening to, that’s fine that is it something that can be danced to? It’s difficult I know. If you already have your playlist lined up on Spotify or iTunes then fire it over let’s go through it and let’s make your wedding evening the one to remember!

Mic work


I keep the microphone work to an acceptable level. I’m not the one that will give you’re the date the song came out or blab on about how good Shakira was back in the day! What I will do is introduce you to your cake cutting, first dance and the evening buffet as well as invite your guest up for a boogie!

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